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Decorative element featuring students walking on campus. Asks why visit a college? Get a firsthand view. Get answers to your questions.  Get valuable information. Get ready to decide.  Research shows that students who attend at least 1 college visit are 1 Ā½ times more likely to enroll in college after high school graduation, & even 3 times more likely if a parent attends the college visit with the student. States Download templates with college readiness and financial aid information for grades 7-12. Add your school logo, events, and contact information to customize and share with families. Mail or email home, post online, or hand out copies at workshops, school, or sporting events.

Visiting a campus can help you get a first-hand look at a school or program to see if it is a good fit. You can see what the atmosphere is like. Find out what support programs are offered and talk to faculty, financial aid and admissions office, and other students.


In person visits

Virtual visits and tours

Video Resources

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