Summer Programs

Here at Washington State GEAR UP, we really love for students to have multiple on-campus experiences. Summer camps are just another way to get more students on campus. Our goal is to provide students with a multi-day/night campus experience whenever possible.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Several grants are nearing their 7th year and beginning to develop their first-year college programs. UT GEAR UP has had a first-year program in place for the last five years. We would like to share our challenges and best practices. UT GEAR UP has created protocols to help with gathering the data necessary to track first-year students and the services provided.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Maybe it’s time to consider a different type of summer programming for incoming first-year students. Unlike bridge programs that typically incorporate academic credit and require a lengthy, ongoing commitment from students, our Connections program provides a down-and-dirty introduction to key entities and tasks they need to start college.
The First Year in Five Stages. The transition from high school to college is an important milestone. Many students who live on-campus or commute experience a wide range of emotions during their first year at college. These emotions are normal and often occur in five stages. This timeline includes examples of things students commonly face during their first year of college.
For use with the Activity Guide-Preparing Students For The Transition To College.
These are common scenarios that students encounter during their first year in college. Using your college or university’s website and the handout: Resources & Support Services to Navigate Your Way, identify what resource(s) can help in each scenario on your future campus.
This list identifies common student support resources found at college. Review your college or university’s website. Identify what supports you may need, and what is available on your campus.
There are important steps that need to be completed over the summer for you to be able to enroll in the fall. The tasks listed are common to most colleges.
The transition from high school to a postsecondary institution is an important milestone. This period can be marked with enthusiasm as well as self-doubt, stress, and uncertainty. College access professionals can use this activity guide to help prepare students and families for the first year after high school, including what to expect and how to navigate common challenges.
This presentation showcases family events in Blaine. Passport to Summer is an event for families to learn about summer opportunities to keep their children engaged in academics.
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