Senator Patty Murray (Washington) encourages students to complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Financial Aid Calculator
This worksheet will help you understand and compare financial aid award letters. Use one worksheet for each college you received an award letter from. This is not meant to be an official statement on your award letter, financial aid offer, or true costs, but a tool to help you compare your options. For official calculations, please contact the financial aid office at each college.
For students who have already applied, May 1st is typically when students notify a college/university that they have accepted their offer and will attend next fall. If your child received acceptance offers from a college, university, or training program, congratulations! See the Washington Student Achievement Council newsletter to learn what steps to take.
During this period of school closures and remote learning, Washington State GEAR UP is committed to promoting resources to support our educators, students, and families that can be done remotely. This Top 5 list is designed specifically for high school juniors and seniors to help them prepare for, apply to, and pay for postsecondary education. Note: You do not have to be a GEAR UP student to use our resources – they are available to all students!
Get started on exploring the military as a post-high school pathway.
High school seniors across Washington state can receive reminders about important college financial aid deadlines from a chatbot, called Otter.
Modify these slides for use with students and families.
It's never too early to plan ahead. The new Washington College Grant gives more money to more students for more kinds of education after high school.
This handout accompanies the 12th Year Campaign Junior/Senior Student Workbook, which guides students through navigating college admissions and financial aid.


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