GEAR UP Professional Development Workshops

Required for all GEAR UP paid staff. Optional for principals or admin designee, counselors, teachers, other staff.
Learn the basics about the College Bound Scholarship, new resources and best practices for getting your students signed up!
We recommend the all GEAR UP staff, not only the portal users, review these slides so that they have a foundation for understanding the GEAR UP reporting requirements.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Presenting compelling data at the right time to the right people is essential to effectively mobilizing the community surrounding GEAR UP. This workshop focuses on data visualizations that impart lasting impressions and successfully tell the story you want your audience to hear and remember.
This presentation from GEAR UP EDI focuses on the future. Learn what job are on the horizon and how to support high school students in evaluating postsecondary options. Discover certificate programs, apprenticeships, scholarships, and two and four year degrees that will connect your students with the education they need to secure the jobs of tomorrow.
Use this guide to learn how you can begin finding and applying for money to finance your education!
A simple mistake could cost you a scholarship. It is important to pay attention to every detail. Applicants need to know what is being asked and need to comply with these requirements. Common mistakes are preventable. Show students how scholarships are often scored. Have them read and score the submissions. Debrief and help students learn how to avoid common pitfalls.
Dr. Cristina Gaeta presented this topic at the Washington State GEAR UP Year 6 Planning Workshops. It featured an overview of how to develop a college and career binder.
For this workshop, please remember to bring a laptop/tablet, your Year 6 plan, and the binder that you received last spring.
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