For Middle School Students

Washington's colleges and universities offer a variety of activities for middle and high school tour groups. This matrix provides the necessary contact and background information to help coordinate a GEAR UP campus visit. This resource will be updated as needed.
This guidebook is intended for GEAR UP coordinator use. It includes best practices and resources from a variety of sources, which includes but is not limited to, GEAR UP programs from across the nation, the College Board, and the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. It is meant to be a working copy with replicable, customizable tools. It will be updated with resources and lessons learned from our own GEAR UP schools.
This is a set of 8.5"x11" posters that can be displayed through out your school to help add to your college going culture. Each page displays one term related to college or getting ready for college.
Academic self-identity in middle school has been shown to be a predictor of post-secondary attendance. Learn some of the key indicators that middle school students reveal in terms of how they perceive themselves academically and what you might be able to do to positively affect the way they see themselves as future scholars. The session will consist of a presentation of preliminary findings of a longitudinal study, followed by small group discussions to develop concrete strategies that may be im
A sample middle school student guide by Spokane GEAR UP. Used with transition experience field trips for eighth graders.
This presentation Introduces students to four easy-to-remember college planning steps. It is designed to motivate and excite students about attending college by giving a general overview of the things they can do now to make their college dreams come true. Interactive and fun, this presentation uses games and activities to get students pumped up about postsecondary education.
This pre-visit handout provides students a list of expectations and guidelines to follow during a campus visit.
Sample pre - and post-visit survey. This handout for students. It helps evaluate their experience and changes in their attitudes.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2013. In today's economy, is the cost of a college education really worth it? The answer is a resounding YES! This workshop will give your students and their families a new outlook on college and the value that education provides to their lives. Tangible tools and realistic expectations for today's students with regard to financing their education and planning their future in a financially sound manner.
re-visit handout for students. Focuses on college exploration and helping students discover what they'd like to get out of the visit.


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