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An updated collection of ice breakers and college knowledge and cooperative learning games.
From ECMC. This game is a fun way to give students the opportunity to discuss the choices they have and the decisions they make. Encourage students to come up with their own scenarios and make it as relevant as possible.
This "Summer Melt" student guide contains information on critical next steps. It also covers resources and support, registration, tips for commuters, common stages in the first year, strategies for students planning to transfer, and financial aid information.
This resource guide is designed to assist college access professionals to gain a better understanding of special or diverse populations, learn how to identify these students in your school, learn how to build support systems, explore the college application and financial aid processes, and learn ways to help students successfully transition into education after high school.
North Beach GEAR UP is preparing to have a 2 ½ day iWiLL Training with all of our eighth graders transitioning into High School.
Learn how Salk used a checklist to assist students in postsecondary and career interest research while also increasing the college-going culture in our school. Students earned college gear upon completion.
Learn how North MS offered student workshops during lunch period that focused on Career Talks and Mastering Middle School.
Learn how Aberdeen hosted activities to help seventh grade students learn about local careers and explore CTE programs offered at the high school.
Learn how Hilltop MS held a bi-monthly speakers series to explore educational programs and careers, some that students may never have considered or even heard of.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Several grants are nearing their 7th year and beginning to develop their first-year college programs. UT GEAR UP has had a first-year program in place for the last five years. We would like to share our challenges and best practices. UT GEAR UP has created protocols to help with gathering the data necessary to track first-year students and the services provided.


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