This handout is intended for on-campus use by students. It contains suggestions for questions about a variety of aspects of an institution. Help students get their questions answered.
This pre-visit handout is intended to be customized and shared with your chaperones. It explains the role and responsibility of a chaperone for this event.
This sample handout is intended for students pre- or post-visit. Compare colleges based on the characteristics that are most important to you. This scorecard helps you evaluate colleges side-by-side. It can also be used during virtual college exploration activities.
How to help DREAMer students determine if they meet the criteria for the DACA program and what steps to take to apply.
Customizable template by College Success Foundation for use during the screening of potential mentors.
Customizable template by College Success Foundation to be used by mentors for recordkeeping of sessions.
Sample provided by College Success Foundation. This checklist documents a future mentor's pre-requisite training.
Customizable template by College Success Foundation for potential mentees to complete to assist in the screening and matching process.
Sample volunteer mentor application by Vancouver Public Schools
This form will help you plan a visit. Once you have completed the first page of the College Visit Logistics form, contact the college visit coordinator at the college you wish to visit. Discuss the information on the sheet. The campus contact may want you to fax a copy of the completed form to them. Once the details of the visit have been determined by the college, the following information will be confirmed with you.


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