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Washington State GEAR UP is a partnership of the Governor’s Office and the Washington Student Achievement Council. We have enlisted the support of strategic partners:

School Partners 

The following schools will receive GEAR UP services at some point during the seven-year grant.

  • Miller Junior High, Aberdeen SD
  • Aberdeen High School (AKA JM Weatherwax), Aberdeen SD
  • Shuksan Middle School, Bellingham SD
  • Squalicum High School, Bellingham SD
  • Blaine Middle School, Blaine SD
  • Blaine High School, Blaine SD
  • Davenport Senior High School, Davenport SD
  • East Valley Middle School, East Valley SD
  • East Valley High School, East Valley SD
  • Clovis Point Intermediate, Eastmont SD
  • Eastmont High School, Eastmont SD
  • Eastmont Junior High, Eastmont SD
  • Everett High School, Everett SD
  • North Middle School, Everett SD
  • Sterling Intermediate, Eastmont SD
  • Kilo Middle School, Federal Way SD
  • Totem Middle School, Federal Way SD
  • Thomas Jefferson High School, Federal Way SD
  • Inchelium High School, Inchelium SD
  • Inchelium Middle School, Inchelium SD
  • Kettle Falls High School, Kettlle Falls SD
  • Kettle Falls Middle School, Kettle Falls SD
  • Klickitat Elementary & High School, Klickitat SD
  • Mansfield Elementary & High School, Mansfield SD
  • Naselle Jr Sr High Schools, Naselle SD
  • North Beach Junior High School, North Beach SD
  • North Beach Senior High School, North Beach SD
  • Hilltop School, Ocean Beach SD
  • Ilwaco High School, Ocean Beach SD
  • Pateros High School, Pateros SD
  • Rosalia Elementary & Secondary School, Rosalia SD
  • CHOICE, Shelton SD
  • South Bend High School, South Bend SD
  • South Bend Junior High School, South Bend SD
  • Garry Middle School, Spokane SD
  • Rogers High School, Spokane SD
  • Salk Middle School, Spokane SD
  • Shadle Park High School, Spokane SD
  • Shaw Middle School, Spokane SD
  • Discovery Middle School, Vancouver SD
  • Fort Vancouver High School, Vancouver SD
  • Gaiser Middle School, Vancouver SD
  • Hudson's Bay High School, Vancouver SD
  • McLoughlin Middle School, Vancouver SD
  • John C Thomas Middle School, Wahkiakum SD
  • Wahkiakum High School, Wahkiakum SD
  • Centennial Middle School, West Valley SD
  • West Valley High School, West Valley SD
  • White Pass Jr/Sr High School, White Pass SD
  • Willapa Valley Middle-High School, Willapa Valley SD
  • Wilson Creek High School, Wilson Creek SD 
Robert John Meehan Quote

"Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding."

Robert John Meehan