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This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. This session will share recently completed research about sibling and parent relationships as they relate to college decision-making for first-generation students. Results highlight the importance of siblings specifically for first-generation students, indicating that while parents remain a significant source of support, siblings have been found to be a critical, supplementary resource.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. See an example of a successful student internship program in a small community. We will explain the benefits to the students and the community through this experience. Hear how Libby Public Schools structured our program and how you can start a similar program. See the documents used for contracts, planning, and accountability. Students of all interests greatly benefit from these experiences.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Several grants are nearing their 7th year and beginning to develop their first-year college programs. UT GEAR UP has had a first-year program in place for the last five years. We would like to share our challenges and best practices. UT GEAR UP has created protocols to help with gathering the data necessary to track first-year students and the services provided.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Learn about the power of experiential learning using stories, strategies and intentional practices.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Learn about parent activities, examine parent feedback, and discuss program improvements made based on data and parent focus groups.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Maybe it’s time to consider a different type of summer programming for incoming first-year students. Unlike bridge programs that typically incorporate academic credit and require a lengthy, ongoing commitment from students, our Connections program provides a down-and-dirty introduction to key entities and tasks they need to start college.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017.Sometimes our parents need as much hand-holding as our students. Sweet Home High School has increased parent engagement through a series of parent workshops starting in their student's junior year. This breakout session will highlight what has worked for Sweet Home and what hasn't for parent engagement. Example presentations, letters and communication ideas will be shared.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Washington Alliance for Better Schools’ Natural Leaders Program is a grassroots, empowerment effort. This session will be a presentation of successful family engagement strategies, including a grassroots approach that fosters cultural sensitivity with immigrant and refugee communities, a train-the-trainer model, sustained leadership training over two years, and a strong partnership with school staff.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2017. Presenting compelling data at the right time to the right people is essential to effectively mobilizing the community surrounding GEAR UP. This workshop focuses on data visualizations that impart lasting impressions and successfully tell the story you want your audience to hear and remember.


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