For Middle School Students

Have students fill in blank BINGO card with College Terms. Includes sample terms and definitions.
Instructions on how to conduct a scavenger hunt on a postsecondary campus.
This form will help you plan a visit. Once you have completed the first page of the College Visit Logistics form, contact the college visit coordinator at the college you wish to visit. Discuss the information on the sheet. The campus contact may want you to fax a copy of the completed form to them. Once the details of the visit have been determined by the college, the following information will be confirmed with you.
This presentation covers the process to plan and introduces new GEAR UP resources to help.
This presentation includes an overview of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and how guidance and counseling efforts related to college and career readiness are an integral element to student success.
Team building/cooperative learning activity.
Quick listening activity.
This game demonstrates to students specific characteristics that give one applicant an advantage over another in the college admission process.
This activity focuses on familiarizing families and students with community and four-year public and private colleges and universities and providing networking opportunities.


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