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The GEAR UP staff at the Washington Student Achievement Council serve 26 school districts around the state of Washington.

Marcie Sample, Director, Washington State GEAR UP 

Program Oversight, Lead Liaison for School Partnerships, Work Plan, Budget Planning & Implementation, Compliance Monitoring, and Program Evaluation

360-485-1065 |                      


Beth Kelly, Assistant Director, College Access and Support

Professional Development, Website Management, Weekly Bulletin, Scholarship Listings, and Resource Development 



Christina Winstead, Assistant Director, College Access and Support

12th Year Campaign, FAFSA and WASFA Completion Events and Support, College Application and Admissions Events and Support

360-485-1133 |


Kelly Keeney, Program Manager, GEAR UP

Event Planning Logistics, WSAC Portal Assistance, Data Collection & Reporting Compliance        


Buffy Hatcher, Program Manager, GEAR UP & College Access and Support

A19 Reimbursement Process and Match, Expenditure Allowability & Documentation, Division Budget Planning and Tracking

360-485-1067 |         


Annie Pocklington, Assistant Director, GEAR UP

Summer Camp Lead, Postsecondary Partnership Development, and 7th-Year Transition Program. 

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