Activity Idea

An updated collection of ice breakers and college knowledge and cooperative learning games.
From ECMC. This game is a fun way to give students the opportunity to discuss the choices they have and the decisions they make. Encourage students to come up with their own scenarios and make it as relevant as possible.
Use this activity to demonstrate to students specific characteristics that give one applicant an advantage over another in the college admission process. Print and play.
Great for introductions or for grouping students into teams. Print and play.
Learn how CHOICE hosted this half-day event with multiple breakout sessions featuring local postsecondary insititutions and companies.
Learn how Wilson Creek used field trips and campus visits to help students explore diverse pathways. Note-This presentation is missing some content due to a technical error.
Learn how Willapa Valley used this free financial literacy program.
Learn about this career exploratory field trip.


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