Activity Idea

An updated collection of ice breakers and college knowledge and cooperative learning games.
Presented by Hong-Yen Chau and Kristen Yip, GEAR UP Achievers (WA)
Presented by Annie Pocklington, Washington Student Achievement Council, and Lyndsey Howe and Latrell Armstrong, FOCUS Training
Presented by Jillian Sitjar, SchooolHouse Connection (DC), Melinda Dyer, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (WA)
Gov. Inslee declares Sept. 21-25 as GEAR UP Week!
These slides cover the West Valley practitioner spotlight portion of this event.
These slides cover guest speaker Lara Kain's portion of this event.
These slides cover the 12th Yr Campaign portion of this event on virtual admissions & financial aid completion events & support.
These slides cover the WSAC portion of this event.
This worksheet will help you understand and compare financial aid award letters. Use one worksheet for each college you received an award letter from. This is not meant to be an official statement on your award letter, financial aid offer, or true costs, but a tool to help you compare your options. For official calculations, please contact the financial aid office at each college.


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