Program Resource Order Form

Instructions/Information for Placing an Order:

  • We are not accepting incentive orders at this time, however, you may order 12th Year and College Bound Scholarship publications and resources.
  • 12th Year publications include the GEAR UP logo on them.
  • We have limited access to the building at this time due to COVID restrictions and orders will be filled as soon as possible. 

College Bound Scholarship Materials

  • Middle school brochures and posters
  • High school posters
  • Bracelets
  • Pens

12th Year Campaign Materials

  • Financial Aid Poster in English and Spanish
  • "You Can't Get Financial Aid If You Don't Apply" postcard in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, and/or Somali
  • Admissions and Financial Aid Next Steps Postcard
  • "I Applied!" stickers 
  • Junior/Senior Student Student Workbook: A Guide for Navigating College Admissions and Financial Aid
  • The postcard
  • The College Knowledge Workbook
  • Fostering College Knowledge: Planning and Paying for Higher Education for Youth in Care trifold
  • Graduation Handbook