School district staff members, who contribute time to GEAR UP, should complete and sign this form.
Donors who provide in-kind donations of services, goods and supplies and travel, should complete and sign this form. Include on the Monthly Match Summary Form and submit with the monthly A19 Invoice Voucher.
GEAR UP Letterhead with the general use logo on top.
This handout is intended for on-campus use by students. It contains suggestions for questions about a variety of aspects of an institution. Help students get their questions answered.
This pre-visit handout is intended to be customized and shared with your chaperones. It explains the role and responsibility of a chaperone for this event.
This sample handout is intended for students pre- or post-visit. Compare colleges based on the characteristics that are most important to you. This scorecard helps you evaluate colleges side-by-side. It can also be used during virtual college exploration activities.
This sample pre- or post-visit activity requires students to investigate various aspects of particular postsecondary institutions. Evaluate each school in the areas listed and then compare your evaluations.
This pre-visit handout is intended for students use in career and college exploration.
Sample mentor-mentee matching tool by Vancouver Public Schools.
Sample form by Vancouver Public Schools for use with mentors and program participants. Explains roles and responsibilities during the mentoring program.


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