This student tracker is designed for school staff to monitor student progress around the college application, financial aid application, and acceptance process. Washington State GEAR UP has adapted and modified this tool with much appreciation from Northeastern Illinois University/Chicago GEAR UP. It includes key action steps that college-going students must complete during their senior year in high school.
Time and Effort Form
Form for students and parents to complete. Grants permission to use photographs, digital images, or video/film of a student (and/or his or her property) and to use them for educational and promotional materials.
This form is used to document what GEAR UP students were given cash for meals/snacks during a field trip.
Contains the data collection plan, portal service definitions, participation logs, and priority model verification form.
Contains Washington State GEAR UP letterhead, privacy notices in English and Spanish, media release form, field trip approval form, grade level bench marks, grant sources, and logo usage guidelines.
A sample middle school student guide by Spokane GEAR UP. Used with transition experience field trips for eighth graders.
This pre-visit handout provides students a list of expectations and guidelines to follow during a campus visit.
Sample pre - and post-visit survey. This handout for students. It helps evaluate their experience and changes in their attitudes.
Pre-visit handout for students. Focuses on college exploration and helping students discover what they'd like to get out of the visit.


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