Sample pre-visit handout for students to evaluate their experience and attitudes.
Sample post-visit handout for students to evaluate their experience and attitudes.
Use this planning checklist with suggested timeframe to help before, during, and after a campus visit.
Form for students and parents to complete. Grants permission to use photographs, digital images, or video/film of a student (and/or his or her property) and to use them for educational and promotional materials.
Contain GEAR UP Match requirement guidance, monthly match summary form, In-kind Match form (goods and services), in-kind match form (school staff), samples, depreciation and use allowances, and a sample match training outline.
Contains GEAR UP funding guidelines, specific allowable costs and guidelines, A19 and expenditure detail form and instructions, travel guidelines, per diem rates, student field trip allowance form, college application fee assistance form, and plan and budget revision request form.
Learn the guidelines for communication.
Learn about the Washington Alliance for Better Schools' Natural Leaders Program. This program engages parents to serve as multi-cultural bridges between students, families, communities and schools.
Customizable template for National GEAR UP Week
This pre-visit handout, Sample Campus Tour Tips for GEAR UP 7th-12th Graders, is intended for campus staff.


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