Virtual Visits

Due to the COVID-19 precautions, students may wish to explore colleges virtually. Here are just a few ways that you can explore potential schools: 

Take a virtual tour.

All across the nation, colleges and universities are using virtual tours as a way to help students and families explore their options. A campus closure doesn't mean that you cannot get the visit experience. Many schools have added or are in the process of adding online informational sessions, events, and tours. 

Take a self-guided tour.

Review various sections of a school's website. Check out their social media feeds. Research the city or town. Or use an online scavenger hunt to help navigate. 


Participate in a virtual college fair. 

Thinking about college? Here's your chance to hear firsthand from those-in-the-know at hundreds of colleges and universities nearby, across the country, and around the world.


  • 2020 NACAC College Fairs. Each virtual fair is a free, one-day event. Attend as often as you like. Parents invited, too. NACAC Virtual College Fairs are designed from the ground up as mobile experiences that are intuitive, informative, interactive, and fun.  
    • Sept. 13
    • Oct. 12
    • Oct. 18
    • Nov. 8
  • 2020 PNACAC College Fairs. FREE to students, families and counselors. 
    • Oregon College Week: Oct. 5 - 9
    • Washington College Week: Oct. 19 - 23
    • Alaska & Idaho College Week: Oct. 26 - 30