Chuukese Translation: Monthly Family Newsletter Templates

Monthly family newsletter templates with college readiness and financial aid information for grades 7 through 12. Just add your school logo, events and contact information to customize for your school! Share with families:

  • Mail home.
  • Hand out copies at workshops, school or sporting events.
  • Email copies home.
  • Post online.
New! Translated Versions: 
                                                                                                                                       Topics by Grade & Month (Click a Topic to Download): 












Etiwa Kemi Ngeni Middle School!
Welcome To Middle School
College Bound Scholarship
College Bound Scholarship
Tuwmun Omw Finata Mwochenum Epwe Suk
Keeping Your Options Open
Napenon Met Kich mi Tikeri ika Awesi, Pwan ina Napenon ach Mochen Tikeri ika Awesi 
Grit & Attitude
Meemen College
The Cost of College
Euchean Chiechi
Amwonota Ngeni High School
for High School
Extracurriculars ika ekkoch mwokutukutun sukuun Ikena Kiien an Chon Sukuun Nipwakeoch 
Extracurricular Activities
Ke Mochen Kopwe Emon Met Ika Ka Watte? 
Career Exploration
Aa Asese Sukuun Non ei Summer!
Summer Camps


Pwata College? Sukuun ee Amecheresi Manawen ika Nonomwun Emon.
Benefits of College
Aakot Ngeni High School
Create a High School and Beyond Plan
Nipwakeoch ren Kae & Aninis ren asaimen
Study Skills and Homework Help
Weweiti Meemen College
Understanding College Costs
Mentors, Role Models, me Coaches, Mwa met!
Nipwakeoch ren Awesi mettoch
Growth Mindset
Pungun Class Ngeni High School
Classes for High School
Epungu fetanin
Staying on Track
Majors me Professions(Angang): Kutta Omw Kopwe Sinei Met en Mi Pwapwaiti Me Feri
Careers & Majors
Amwet Ngeni High School
9th Grade Transition


Pwata Kopwe Noo Ngeni College
Why go to College
Etiuwan Mi Euchea
9th Grade Matters
Pwata Kopwe Chuno ren Ekewe College?
Campus Visits
Euchean Grade
Grades Matter
College: Iei aa 40% Kotur!
Financial Aid Basics
Euchean fiti sukuun


Attendance Matters
Met Emon Epwe Feri Pwe Epwe Sochungio Seni High School
What it Takes to Graduate from High School
Extracurricular Activities (Ekewe ekkoch mwokutukutun sukuun mi kapacheta) mei wor euchean— Ngonuk pwan Ngeni Ekewe college
Extracurricular Activities Matter
Majors 101: Ekewe Kapas Eis Mi Chomwong Chon Eis
Majors 101
Ngawenon chon sukuun non summer
Summer Slide


Angei College Credit Nupwen mi Chuen Nomw non High School
Dual Credit
Eochun Feferun Kae me Amwonotan Test
Study Habits and Test Prep
College & Aneen Kuta Angang 
College & Career Pathways
Napanapen Kuuten Angang
Career Exploration
Kametiwen College 
Paying for College
Taropwen Amasou Ngeni College: Essays & Interviews
College Applications: Essays & Interviews
Poputa Sefan an Epwe Eochuno  
Getting Back
on Track
Katon Ekewe Campus Ren Ekewe College
Visiting a College
Omw-Epinukunukungaw & Epinukunuk
Self-Doubt & Confidence
Ifa Usun Omw Kopwe Kuta Ekewe Angangen Summer Mei Murine
Summer Jobs


Etiwa Kemi Ngeni Ierin Junior!
Entrance Exams
Nongonongun Atotonong Non College
College Admission Requirements
Kutta Met Epwe Masengeni
College "Fit"
High School me Beyond Plan & Resemei
High School and Beyond Plan & Resumes
Ifa Usun Tungor ren Mwonien Aninis
How to Apply for Financial Aid
Amwonota Me Mwen Test 
Test Preparation
Otun Chuno won Campus
Campus Visits
Achokukunano Kefinin College 
Narrowing Down College Options
Met Noumw Ewe Epwe Feri Non Summer
What to do Over Summer


Ierin Senior – Kopwe Mwoneta!
Senior Year: Get Organized
Ierin Senior – Kopwe Mwoneta!
Senior Year: Get Organized
Pekin Aninis non College
Resources & Support Services in College
Pekin Aninis non College
Resources & Support Services in College
Kut Fetan Scholarships
Searching for Scholarships
Kut Fetan Scholarships
Searching for Scholarships
Met Epwe Fis Me Murin Omw Wes Ne Amasowa ewe FAFSA
What Happens After You Complete
Awora ew Finata
Making a Decision
Oruan Kinikin
Next Steps
Congratulations! (Chuukese) 
Transition to College


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