For High School Students

This game is an interactive way to introduce or reinforce college terminology. Includes sample questions.
This session looks at a blend of storytelling, team-building activities and small group discussions that can be replicated with students and/or families. Includes handouts.
By the end of this activity, students will be able to work together as a team. They will realize how others can help or distract them from the tasks at hand. This reflection will serve as the basis for a discussion on college preparation and how students use the resources available to them.
This is a "wake me up" activity, to get the blood-flowing, ears listening and brain activated.
Team building/cooperative learning activity.
Wall signs for school staff to complete. Great to build a college-going atmosphere and for GEAR UP Week. Samples provided by West Valley SD.
This career exploration game can be played in teams. Includes materials.
Customizable template by College Success Foundation. Covers mentor qualifications and responsibilities.
This pre-visit handout is intended for students use in career and college exploration.
Sample mentor-mentee matching tool by Vancouver Public Schools.


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