For High School Students

This workshop covers the social-emotional and cultural challenges that await students from communities of color, communities of poverty and communities where English is not the home language. Find some strategies to better support GEAR-UP students as they transition from their high school environment to higher education. Includes handouts.
This form can be completed by students as a college admissions planning tool.
In this workshop, students will explore multiple facets of their identity and discuss how elements of these identities are or can-be consistent with going to college. Students will learn about how going to college can support communities with which they identify. This is an interactive and reflective workshop that allows students to journal about their hopes and fears about college, what their lives will be like in college, and how they can get there.
This handout can be used with NELA/USA Funds' Understanding and Comparing Financial Aid Packages presentation. It guides students on how to interpret their award letters so that they can review evaluate and accept a financial aid award package that is best for them.
This presentation helps students learn the basics of budgeting so they can make the most of their student aid dollars. This presentation discusses how financial aid is disbursed; the decisions students can make to shrink their cost of attendance, strategies for using free or low cost resources around them, and how to manage their financial aid dollars responsibly.
Sample activity to hold during College Application Campaign.
This handout provides examples of college application essays and shows what admissions officers are looking for in an applicant. Can be used in essay workshops.
This presentation is from GEAR UP West 2013. The completion rate of traditional students who are expected to be successful, but who are in the middle third of their high school graduating class is significantly lower than that of admitted students in the top third of their high school graduating class at one open access institution in the West.
Use this planning checklist with suggested timeframe to help before, during, and after a campus visit.
A quick "wake me up" activity.


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