For High School Students

Learn about the planning and implementing of an effective 7th year program including the strategies for staying connected with students in their first year of college and how to build a strong support network on campus to support both individual students and overall retention efforts.
Sample provided by College Success Foundation. This checklist documents a future mentor's pre-requisite training.
For use during National GEAR UP Week and other times of advocacy.
Customizable template by College Success Foundation for potential mentees to complete to assist in the screening and matching process.
Explore the switch to ELA CCSS and get practical classroom strategies and assessment samples for implementing the CCSS in your school.
Sample volunteer mentor application by Vancouver Public Schools
Learn the basics about mentoring and how to start your own program. Includes Presentation and the following resources: Background Check Disclosure and Authorization Sample|Mentor Qualifications and Responsibilities Sample|Mentoring Contract Template|Reference Check Template|Mentor Orientation Sign-Off Sample|Mentor Participant Profile|Match Worksheet Template|Mentor Application Template|Mentor Interview Template|Mentor Meeting Log Template
The purpose of this activity is to identify staff members by their institutions of higher education and engage students in dialogue with faculty and staff members regarding college access and college applications.
The object of the game is to have students become familiar with college terminology to better understand how to navigate the path to college graduation. Includes clues.
Team building/cooperative learning activity.


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